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Aaron "KD" Bourn is a successful writer and author. His latest work includes writing 'pokescript soup' with fictional character Jayce Jameson (see JAMIE), and has recently joined Jayce along with a supergroup of writers (see CRC media supergroup) to write and create 'ringoffish: the summoning of the fish' (also known in the US as 'ringoffish: doomsfish', 'judgement fish' and 'squadila, there are over nine thousand rings of fish!'). But of course, these are all dwarfed by the earliest and most successful of his pieces, 'Lupin' which follows the comedic life of a girl growing up on a bus that can dig its way underground. It is VERY hilarious. The girl has magic and stuff, too. That's probably worth a mention. Along with his work goes 'steves pokemon adventures' (or 'steves po ad'), a graphic novel about pokemon related subjects by Aaron, Jayce, and 'Yan.

His first big hit film was 'big master darkness', a dark and disturbing lighthearted physological comedy thriller drama to accompany little miss sunshine.

He spends whatever free time he has staying up late to watch cyber sunday, playing on pokeymans emerald and existing. Also he goes to cambridge regional college and does a media course (see CRC media supergroup). A small comic which includes such characters as 'that kiwi one' and 'the other one, yeah... him/her'. A one off comic named 'happydog the happy dog' was influenced by dinosaur comics' t-shirts, featuring scenes of a cepholopodic nature. And there's no forgetting his successful advertising campaign 'PERIL - DIRTY IS GODO'.

  • Trainer Jayce says: 'O Muuhdkeph. whah cen't pokeymans be RL...'
  • Mudkip says: 'mudkip muuudd... KIP!' (pokedex translates) 'they just cant <a=href><Trainer Jayce>, its beyond the laws of all that is, was and will ever be. I'm sorry, but i am a mere phigment of ones imagination.'
  • Trainer Jayce says: beht WHAY muuhdkeph. WHAY?
  • Mudkip says: y? y indeed! it WOULD be awesome if a wizard turned you into a mudkip.
  • Trainer Jayce says: so derz a pohsebiliteh det ey cud gt a wizerd to turn everyone in the world intoh pokeymans so i could bekhum a messtar traineh?
  • Mudkip: not all dreams can come true player.
  • Trainer Jayce says: oohh... :[ *sniff*
  • Trainer Aaron says: but whyyyy Muhdkehp??/ WHYZ cants u bes realllllz?
  • Mudkip says: Trainer, we were not meants to be.
  • Trainer Aaron says: ohhhhhhh nooooooooooo I am internet serious :-[
  • Mudkip says: If you try real hards, you can imagines it is real
  • Trainer Aaron says: *sniff* It's not the sames Muhdkehp. I wish u wr rly rl. RLY RL.
  • Mudkip says: I sorry... Real sorrrrrys
  • Trainer Aaron says: *sniff* don't worry's Muhdkehp. It is not your faults... *sniff*

an extract from 'pokeyscrehpt soope', or pokescript soup, there. Nice.

CRC media supergroup[edit]

this includes not quantitative, but qualititative students of the CRC Media ND class commencing 2007. They have created such masterpieces as 'the fergie dance - fergalicious aaron w00t.', 'Yan's 'twinkle twinkle little star, symphony number 1', the 'derranging jinglebells choon', and the 'preist audio hoedown'. Others include 'hypnotic hoff', (also known as 'get well, bitch'), by dave dawkins and ash robinson, and 'sped up MADNESS'. this is just the first of many from the CRC media supergroups' medlling. soon to come are the 'ringoffish' movie series.

I hope you've enjoyed this short rant, please feel free to edit ONLY if you are in the CRC media group '07 please thank you.

  • Aaron's edit:*

FURTHERMORE, Aaron talks sometimes about important things. He is currently on a quest to buy some badges. Yes indeed.