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Abbayuubie is a type of feather that is grown on particular sorts of rare animals that exist only on Tonny Mountain, a place that has been seen by few and survived by many. The Abbayuubie feather is usually blue but can also come in different colours and flavours such as black, purple, green, pink and blue heaven. The word Abbayuubie comes from ancient jibberish and means 'abbada', which in ancient gobbelgidish means 'happy random fluff which you find under your bed'. It has been disputed whether the jibberish and gobbeldish meanings are, in fact, related and many historians and other maniacs argue that the two could not possibly be linked as they come from opposite ends of society and possibly neither of them even exist.

Abbayuubie Animals[edit]

There are a number of different type of Abbayuubie animals.

Frog: Abbayuubie frogs can be distinguished by the tree growing on their back. They also have blue feathers and are particularly tasty with toast.

Cat: Have black feathers instead of fur and always make the sounds of an electrocuted fly. They are not cannibals but are carnivores and their preferred prey are men when they are wearing ties.

Monkey: Should be avoided at all costs as they have deadly banana weapons growing from their nostrils which can cut you down from five metres away. When thrown they are even more deadly, if that is possible because once you are dead you are dead though historians have disputed this as well (see crazy historians). These monkeys, although they are blind, have surprisingly good aim and if you are hit you will bloat and become buoyant so that you float over to the awaiting hungry monkey.

Mouse: Completely harmless, unless you have a phobia of Posh Spice, as their facial features are surprisingly similar. They eat lasagna and live in helicopters (preferably red) and yell out random words at random times. They are becoming endangered as they are too small to drive their helicopters. Fortunately, some of them have mutated so they drive in roflcopters rather than helicopters.

Encounters with Abbayuubie Animals[edit]


~ Luci Brooks

“I had an Abbayuubie mouse once. It started singing 'Stop Right Now' and so I had to...dispose of it...quietly and in the dead of the night...”

~ Bobby Joe

“The monkeys are the creepiest. Their nostrils are bigger than their noses. Not natural.”

~ Anne Alls

“I had a lemming once.”

~ Arnold Rimmer on being directed to the right page

“They're like so scary because they're like so weird...I saw a black cat once I was like "Oh my God that's so karma" and then next thing I knew I was hanging off this electric wire and I was like "Oh my God where's my phone when I need it" it was like so scary...”

“Off with its head!”

“I saw Abbayuubie! Then it died and there was no point letting it go to waste.... Mmmmm Good Monkey!!!”

“It ate my cheese pie.”

~ Ana Bahbah


~ Naydn Moresen

“Abbayuubies ate my ROLFCOPTER.”

~ Madam Segelstone