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Nat. Rep. of Abroad
Official language Not yours anyway
Capital A
(Head of State)
2nd Nephew of Nicolae Ceau┼čescu
Vice President Vice President? This is a dictatorship you know...
Founder Jebediah Springfield
Christianity, Muslim, Buddhist, you name it...
National Heroes
Arnold Schwarzenegger
564BC from Greece
Currency Poker Chips
National Sign The 'Exit' Sign
National anthem
Highway to Hell
National Motto
"Piss off home you fucking tourist"
National Enemy

The National Republic of Arbroad is a country just across the border from your own. The NRA is so large (larger than Jamaica!) that if you cross the border of any country then you'll end up here. It is also world renowned for being not just being the largest in the world, but the best. In fact, more tourists visit Abroad than every other country in the world put together.

More about Abroad[edit]

Abroad has mountains, Abroad has flat plains, icy barren landscapes, deserts, lions, tigers and bears... even people. You name it - Abroad has it. Why not go down to your local travel agent and arrange a visit today? The capital of Abroad, A consists of nothing but luxury holiday villas complete with swimming pool and jaccuzi ready for you to move in next week. But hurry, busy people are currently applying to immigrate as you read this...

Different parts of Abroad suit different people however and depending on your situation you may not get granted permission to move there. The UK or France regions are normally safe bets but other regional sections may not allow you a working or even a living permit. For example, if you're black then don't even bother with the Australian Region - you may get laughed at. In America, a black person might even get shot so be careful where you apply to children. Even Jesus isn't safe in some places and Richard Gere got burned to death recently just for kissing someone!!

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