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Absolut is the favourite vodka in Russia. It is grown, manufactured, harvested and distilled in Russia under licence from Coca-Cola, by a captive Swedish subsidiary employing captive migrant Finnish workers. The captive Swedish subsidiary is required for European Economic Community tariff-preference purposes.

It is the Russian favourite because of its bottle-design graphics, its subtle taste-overtones and its potency: 200 proof (i.e., 100 percent alcohol for those who don't know how to divide by 2).

Prior to Absolut's advances in the field of high-octane vodkas, there existed only the inferior spiritus (at slightly less than 200 proof), as 200 proof alcohol was unstable and would eat through glass bottles and shot-glasses, causing spillage and waste.

Absolut's innovations consist of its patented bottle and patented shot-glasses that can hold 200 proof Absolut without decomposing the beverage. For consumer liability law reasons, Absolut recommends lime, rather than lemon, with the 200 proof beverage.

Absolut comes in a variety of thematic flavours: Ordinaire, Plain Vanilla, Raspberry, Cariboo, Pickled Herring, and Absinthe.

Absolut Zero[edit]

At the other end of the octane scale is Absolut Zero, a zero proof variety of Absolut for prohibitionist nations. It comes in the same great flavours as Absolut.