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A long, long time ago, before cheese, god made Acharacle, a haven for the socially retarded. Nothing much happened for about 300 years, apart from one winter when it was really cold.

The Joys of Acharacle[edit]

There are many enjoyable things to do in Acharacle.

Firstly, why not talk a long walk off our short pier. Failing that, why not sit in the bus shelter and wonder what form of bodly fluid your sitting on. If your really not enjoying yourself, you must be crazy, for where else can you try the culinary delights of Moes "award winning" fish and chip shop. Just dont come on a Saturday, they're closed.

Acharacles History[edit]

Acharacle was discovered in 1972 by a man called Hamish and his pet monkey. Hamish then began to give piping lessons to anyone who wanted them, although most people came just to see the monkey. In this way, Hamish made Acharacle the town it is today, a cool one, with people in it. He also inspired hundreds of young pipers, and still does to this day.

What you can do in Acharacle[edit]


Population of Acharacle[edit]

The population of Acharacle varies depending on the time of year and how many deaths there has been recently, so it can be anything from 7 to 17 at any one time.