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The Adam Morrison is a type of facial hair similar to the mustache, distiguished by its thin and uneven appearance. The A.M. is also casually known a crustache, and is popluar among Jr. High students and auto-mechanics. Adam Morrison's are well complimented when grown along with a greasy, tangled mop of hair. The Adam Morrison is very popular among Asians.

Growing an Adam Morrison[edit]

Adam Morrison's are best grown in the early stages of puberty, but in many cases can be grown well into adult-hood. If you posses the abilty to grow a full, robust mustache, and are unable to acheieve (and thats what it is an achievement) that thin, almost see-through look, don't be discouraged; the A.M. style can be obtained much in the same way as plucking an eyebrow. Simply find a pair of tweezrs and pluck away till you are satisfied with your new look or you are bleeding profusly and passout.

Famous Adam Morrisons[edit]

Play, Shaggy, Ho Chi Min