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"You don't have to be rich like Bill Gates ! , look at adolf Sing , he makes good money from Operation Anime Freedom ! "~Borat speaking on Operation Anime Freedom in Kazakhstan .

"You know , it's one small step to stop priacy , a giant improvement in the anime industry !".~Kim Yong ii feeling proud of Operation Anime freedom led by Adolf Sing .

"Who's next on my list , who's next !?! You government anti piracy group gotta love me man , i'm doing this to keep Sillypore piracy free ! ".-Adolf sing

The early beginnings[edit]

Nicknamed " The father of Propaganda", Adolf was born in the early 70s in a small remote town of Afghanistan and at the tender age of 6 ,he worked over more than 72 lines of jobs and profession from a Porn movie actor to Condom seller in order to earn money to get into Afghanistan's then most prestigious and reputated school School of Propaganda and in 1980s , he graduated from the school with 7 A1s and received a degree in Propaganda double -sixing every one in his level and school by that time .

Migration to Sillypore[edit]

Because of the war in the persian gulf back in 1991 ,Adolf moved to Sillypore , a small tiny dot on the world map and started a small company Games Market in a local black market district which sells weapons to Colombian cartels and the militants in Borat's hometown and as a coverup of their illegal business , the shop sells pirated games as a front business but was unfortunately shut down by the Robo Lee's robotic patrols with the patrols firing a total of 400 bullets over their store .Adolf then met with up with another friend Osama Bin Peter in Sillypore and both started a animation distribution company Odex with a minimum captial of USD 20,000 dollars funded by Area 52 researchers and Kim Yong ii from korea .


In early 2007 , Adolf launched a campaign named "Operation Anime freedom " to stop illegal downloaders of their animation products due to the lack of sales and money to fund the N korean nuclear programme which is now being de-commissioned by the un-united Nations officials . Adolf's action had since then caused a major uproar from the animation community and the Mafia members alike with threats of "burning his palace "in Sillypore which is rumored to be huge as the buckingham palace of UK and also threats of "beating his mother " and since then , Adolf has removed windows from his palace and employed imperial guards as well as Storm Troopers to provide twenty four hours of security coverage and to date , Adolf is still engaged in a lawsuit with another Sillypore Internet provider Pacman .

Wealth and military power[edit]

Adolf is a man with rich tastes there has been several reports by Lucky Channel's top reporter Akira-Sama that Adolf owns a palace off the mainland of Sillypore on an remote island called Pulau Tekong and is off limits to civillans of sillypore .There has also been reports that adolf owns a military force consisting of more than sixty-million armed services personnel serving under him on the island together with complete training facilities and even a total of 20 SAM missiles system defending the island .Adolf also apparently owns 20 Mercedes Dent which is parked in his palace basement carpark and a Airplane named Sing Force One .

Involvement in Charity[edit]

Adolf is a frim supporter in Sillypore's charity sector and regularly donates part of his earnings from Operation Anime freedom to Sillypore's NKF for their regular maintenance of their gold taps and golden toilet bowls .

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