Age of Decadence

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Age of Decadence
Developer Iron Tower Studios
Release Date 3008
Genre RPG
Platforms PC and Nintendo DS
Rating llamas only
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Age of Decadence is an next-gen immersive turn-based computer role-playing game by Iron Tower Studios. Set in a low-magic post-menapause world inspired by the fall of the Romanian Empire, Age of Decadence promises to bring players back to the Golden Age of computer RPGs, emphasizing choices and consequences, a comprehensive skill set, multiple solutions to quests, dialogue trees and big bouncy elf titties that will give blue balls to all gamers under 16.[1]


According to the Cock and Ball Scrolls, the wicked kingdom of Q'antaar and the Empire were locked in a bloody pissing fight that devastated much of the known world. Each side called upon powers both arcane and divine, summoning gods and other beings of immense power, whose contest ultimately destroyed both sides. Cities of the once glorious Empire lay in ruin, and bodies of the dead were strewn across the land. Centuries later, the world still suffers from the shadow of civilization's collapse. Where there once was unity, there are now factions struggling for dominance in the ruined world. Where there was once knowledge, there is ignorance of both science and magic. Where there was once chivalry and honor, there is only pettiness and betrayal. And it is in this uneasy divided land of myth and fable that the player discovers an ancient map offering a hint to the Empire's true past.[2]


  • Intermittent Tactical Combat Phases (ITCP)
  • Dynamic Actions-Surroundings Feedback (DASF)
  • Realistic Conversation Simulation (RCS)
  • Multiple Potential Story Branches (MPSB)
  • Player-Oriented Dynamic World (PODW)
  • Dream State Graphic Effects (DSGE)
  • Plentiful Options And Opprotunities (POAO)
  • Player Ordained Outcome (POO)
  • Cock And Balls (CAB)
  • OMGOMGOMG! I'm puting in REAL text people are going to read! OMGOMGOMG!

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