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Official symbol of Agnosticism, a boring question mark.

“Ack...what is this...”

~ Kaoru Matsubara on Agnostic

“Did you hear the one about the dyxlexic agnostic who didn't know if there was a dog?”

~ J.P. Morgan on Agnostic

“What..wha..whats gona on? I dont know? Who knows?”

~ Agnostic on God

Agnostic, is one rumored to believe that there is or can be no proof either that God, the Chicago Cubs or the French exist. If there were a God, they would believe in the god Agnus and the patron god of North America. Agnosticism comes in two main flavors: Caramel fudge agnosticism (also known as an atheism with sprinkles but not walnuts) refers to the idea that there is currently no evidence that God exists, while strawberry swirl agnosticism holds that proof about the existence of a personal or impersonal god can only be found in purely solid whipped cream. Because whipped cream begins to liquify immediately upon exposure to air and to continue at a rate of: and even faster if a the matrix is interrupted by a cherry or other chewy fruit food object, that proof is ever elusive. All agnostics believe that if God did exist, he probably wouldn't give a rat's ass about us anyway. Side Effects include ass splinters as Agnostics are the ultimate fence sitters of existence.

Agnostic: Greek agnōstos unknown, unknowable, from a- + gnōstos known, from gignōskein to know. An Agnostic is a person who holds the view that any deity or deities are unknown. Broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of Gods or a God.

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