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== Aidsman: The Beginning == 

Aidsman was once a scientist who worked in a science house. But then.. THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE! And the dirty needle box hanging from the cieling (which Aidsman was right under) opened, and the dirty needles fell all over him. He was now Aidsman! (His name use to be Richard Dikk). Now Aidsman travels the earth giving people aids and fighting many disturbing enemies.

== Aidsmans' Attacks ==  

Aidsman has an insainly awsome array of attacks (some of which are not known even to Aidsman! dun dun dun!). Some of his attacks include: shooting dirty needles out of eyes (main attack), spewing poison blood from his freshly cut wrists, attacking people while in his Aids-Car (A big car shaped like a needle), forcing people to become crack/cocaine addicts with his mind control technique, and last, but not least, just stabbing people..

 == Aidsman: The First Adventure ==   

One day, Aidsman was walking along the road. He was shooting needles out of his eyes as usual.. But then, An evil GINGER wearing devil shoes walked by! His name.. Ben Dunkan! This is one of Aidsmans' most evil-est enemies. His devil shoes are his main weapon, they like to eat many black gangstas (Dunkan is just soo racist). Anyways, Aidsman shot a needle in Dunkan's head and he died.. THE END

== Cancer Man: Who? ==  

Cancer man is another one of Aidsmans' enemies. He can cure the aids that Aidsman gives everyone! (Because, as everyone knows, CANCER CURES AIDS!!). No one is positive how or when Cancer man got his cancer. But we do know that he just stumbled out of a hospital one day, and started stopping Aidsmans' wrath.. All cancer man has to do is touch someone, and they are cured from aids! This made aidsman very angry.

== Aidsman vs. Cancer man == 

The battle of our time! The battle to end all battles! Or as you would probably call it: "the shit battle of shit". One day, Aidsman walked bye Cancer man on the street and Cancer man said, "uh..". Aidsman instantly knew that Cancer man was ready for battle! Aidsman kicked Cancer man's ankle and Cancer man fell to the ground and crawled away. As he left Aidsman heard him mumble, "uh dum huh..". Aidman knew what he meant, "We will meet again!".

--Chubbaing 00:36, 8 June 2007 (UTC)