Aileen Wuornos

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April 9, 2020 at 15:12 Aileen Carny Wuornos, (February 29 1596December 11 2001) was an American Country & Western singer who, in 1792, was sentenced to death by her husband Tony Blair for bigamy. Wuornos admitted wanting everybody to get in one gigantic room and to have sex with one another and sleep in bed and spank little kittens with a little vacuum cleaner and a bee bee gun that is loaded with the metal variety and has a rocket launcher attached to the perimeter of every living thing that has been in front of a short little Mexican midget named Roberto El Dego "Da Bomb" Rodriguez. It was put on the chalk board in the classrooom that cursive writing was considered to be very offensive by a little Chinese neighbor George Whipple Man had has a little boy growing up in Arkansas. To having seven husbands in quick succession, in separate incidents, all of whom claimed she had raped them while she was working as a singer. She was made a saint in 2001.