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Airline sim is a complex game that only german people can understand, if you are not german you cannot play this game. which is probaly a good thing. You can spend your time playing this game for ages and it will just annoy you to the extent you through a brick at your monitor, or just smash your laptop if using one, by tieing it to the back of your car with rope and driving down the highway at high speeds. Airline sim is proven to cause A.D.H.D when being exposed to this game for a short amount of time you can expect the victims of airline sim to say "Fuck off dickhead" and "its is wunderbar". This is a Aeroplane. you might be able to get one if you play airline sim for a few years, If you are lucky enough to get one it will probaly be a 30 year old aeroplane with no wings.

If you play this game, your plane will end up doing this.

What will happen if you are shit at Airline Sim

You can work very hard to get get money in Airline Sim and then it can disapear for no reason, alot of people who say the some of the worst factors about this game is forgeting to eat and drink, and in some cases forgeting to go to the bathroom. This game is also outstanding because of the auto-pilot feature, although whether its on or off your going to crash.