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This article has some legal problems which have resulted in the authors being subpoenaed.

Al Pieda is an international terrorist group consisting entirely of pastry chefs. The organization consists of clandestine cells known as "bakeries," which are believed to operate mostly within Estonia, Albania, and the less-interesting parts of Iowa but mostly in the Wigan area.

Al Pieda has claimed responsibility for several heinous crimes, including the assassination of Betty Crocker in 1996, the public humiliation of Britney Spears in 1999, the mild disdain heaped upon Tiger Woods in 2001, and the attack made on your local doctor in 1532. In September of that same year, they were suspected of making a sharp noise while the twin towers of the World Trade Center were baking in the oven, causing them to collapse. However, various audio recordings made during the incident have been deemed inconclusive by most international investigative agencies, several of which are composed entirely of squirrel meat.

Bakers associated with Al Pieda are one of the many suspects behind the Great Peruvian Biscuit Crisis of 2009, although no definitive link has been confirmed.

There has been much support for Al Pieda in the Wigan area. The wogeners or pie eaters as they are know for there affiliations with Al Pieda. The U.S.A has scedualed a war with Wigan right afer they have finished with Iran, North Korea and The South Sandwhich Islands.

Al Pieda's headquarters has never been located, despite a massive international effort costing billions of American tax dollars. It is thought to be somewhere in Brooklyn, but a recent atomic attack on the area failed to significantly curtail the groups' activities.

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