Alcoholic People's Republic of Beertopia

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Flag of Beertopia
You ain't drunk if you can still lie on the ground without holding onto something.
Government Type Utopia
Official languages Burping and Babbling (the two "B")
National Drink Whisky and everything including alcohol.
Capital Kilkenny City
 - Total

 - Total

Almost every person on Earth claims citizenship.
From Ireland
1 May 1901
Currency Vodka, divided in 0,6 litre and the small 0,1 litre bottles.

The Alcoholic People's Republic of Beertopia was established from the former irish colony of Kilkenny following the Dublin Booze Party. It borders Eastern Ireland and Germany.

In 2005, the government, headed by John Williams appointed several new ministers, including Jesus as minister of fishing and agriculture and Adolf Hitler as minister of road construction, posthumously.