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To get an Alienware computer that at least could boot the OS is as difficult as finding a smart blondie.

~ Oscar Wilde on Alienware computers

Geez!! This thing!!, Literally..

~ Some guy on an Alienware brand-new computer

This computer is not so good.

~ Captain Obvious on Alienware's Area 51

“They look kinda cool...if you're 14...but that's about it.”

~ This Guy on Alienware


The Alienware company was founded by exiled cuban dude named Nelson (not Mandela) and his midget dwarf named Alex. In 2001 Alienware opened a (boiler) in the small country of Costa Rica, located in that place of America that North America does not recognize as America (Central America), so that way they will never be located by the Grue, Johnny Depp, Tony Blair, or the managers of HP Costa Rica and successfully exploited few starving techs, since there was no computer business going on in Costa Rica In 2006, after a series of unfortunate events the company lost it's virginity to some Dell guy . Later in 2006, Dell decided to share its powers with Alienware, but due to a bad strategy they left the company location open for the attack of HP Costa Rica, who placed one of their Gay Bars in front of Alienware. Alienware tried to avoid the attack by placing a giant Alien head outside the building... The head was rapidly destroyed by reggaeton "music".

An overview of a just-shipped Alienware Computer.