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Alvin Hitler Saddam Tamio Ghotionccops (pronounced "Fish-shun-shaps", 12 August 1901 - 20 November 2088) was an internet phenomenon featured on Wikipedia. Its sole purpose was show how inaccurate and how vulnerable Wikipedia could be and was created solely to f--- with the editor's heads.

For example, did you know Alvin Ghotionccops? Anyway, born in the Dutch region of Belgian land, Ghotionccops spent most of his early years as a Russian Potato named "Jimmy" (he is said to be the idol of "Sofia The Potato - The Mascot For Uncyclopedia"). After eating purple banana through oinskerstahl, Garfield slept with Ghotionccops and was never seen again until a brisk December morning in late May.

Having lived accidentally until 2088, he finally remembered to die, and was buried in 1996.

Alvin Ghotionccops is in no-way related.

As a young man, he wished to be reincarnated as God, Harry Hill, Qafe Anan, or Spider-Pig. He thought Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson were the most sexually attractive and most sexually inattractive men in the history of Marmite.

  • "Pickles and chocolate mousse! They will never go together! Neither shall baked beans and Trevor McDonald. Think! A Penguin should run CBS!"
    Alvin H. S. U. Ghotionccops in 1998, 1066, or 8888.
  • "In Soviet Russia, Alvin Ghotionccops about article reads YOU!!"
    Russian Reversal on Ghotionccops.

Not to be confused.

He loved subtitles, and was an avid fan of BBC World News Today and Falcon Crest...thank f--- it's Friday.

Jim Lehrer!