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American Analog Set formed in the mid ninety’s after a dust storm, tumbleweed not included, that created them in western Texas engulfed Austin one summer. It was rumored that they actually formed in Dallas Ft.Worth but Dallas is actually believed to be a mythical city in the land of Narnina.


Their early work, "Fun of Watching Fireworks", "From our living room to yours" and "The Golden Band" are not actually album's at all. Their existence is widely debated because noone actualy owns a record. The amount of albums they sold can be calculated by this equation 0 + 0 = 0. Their most wildly known album is "Know by Heart" though, no one actually knows it by heart, was released in 2001 to glowing reviews. Most of the reason no one knows it by heart is because no one can understand their lead singer's Andrew aka Andrew aka "Kenny" "Ken","Godzilla", Kenny's (?) vocal's. That is unless you're a 21 year old boy who’s yet to kiss a girl then you understand him. They went on to release two more albums "Promise of Love" (fyi they break their promises because one of them promised a cd and a t-shirt yet it still hasn’t arrived) and "Set Free" which should be called Up Yours because they wanted to stick it to the record companies that dissolved after each album they released. During their year together they were nominated as "Best band to listen to on deep space journey's while asleep as you actually cant hear them at all" That is unless, of course, you are the 50 foot warble-monster from the planet Tralfamador and, your body is just a giant Ear.

The Break Up[edit]

After much sleep, quiet time and more sleep, they decided to split up in early 2006. They all cited reason's as to why though it is still a mystery on the scale of ones such as "where did the cat go?", "who is my girlfriend kissing at the bar?" or, the more clever "where is my pink and blue striped sock?". Their drummer cited that he was going to the PS2 world championships for FIFA 05 and needed vital thumb strength to unseat a 15 year old. Ironically enough the 15 year old is a fan. It is unknown was the others are doing. They were last sighted going to sleep somewhere in Austin.