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An American fortune fry is a fry similar to that of McDonald's fries but it has more sodium and salt on it and it gives you a fortune all in one.


It all started when Mr. Advice was tired of giving his "good advice" with no time to do anything else. He invested his money in fortune fries which sell at the nearest McDonald's near you. Thus establishing the American Fortune Fry business that is the major leader in fortune fry selling. Yes it actually is a competition to make the best fortune fry. The chinese have slowly crept up into second place leader of the fortune fry selling.

What happened to the Chinese fortune cookie?[edit]

Well first of all American fortune fries is what inspired the chinese to make fortune cookies in the first place. After failing miserably due to the fact that the cookies weren't cookie shaped and they weren't giving fortunes. Examples support the theory.

Warning do not read if you recently ate at a chinese restraunt.


1 That wasn't chicken you ate.

2 Your house has a toilet

3 I hope this fortune cookie helps you later on

4 What is the answer to this question

5 Japan has all your money

6 Have a good day

7 How to say April in Chinese Eek' Wahk

8 We don't give good fortunes do we?

Thus chinese became fortune fry wannabes.

Fortunes on American Fortune Fries

1 You will become fat after eating here.

2 You will eat here again.

3 Great you will become.

4 Yoda I am fat you are.

5 You will finish reading this fortune