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Amnesty International is a radical liberal organization which pushes a leftist agenda on governments around the world. They claim to represent human rights but in reality they reprensent a narrow far-left agenda which calls for the overthrow of capitalism and a worldwide socialist revolution. They show they disdain for democracy and western style capitalism with their biased criticism of western capitalist democracies such as Chile under Pinochet or North Korea under Kim Jong Il. Amnesty has been openly supportive of communist revolutions seekind to overthrow US backed dictators leaders. Because of this the United States of America State Department is considering adding AI to the foreign terrorist list.

The Amnesty Manifesto[edit]

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This terrorist group is alleged to have the following goals;

  1. Abolish prisons
  2. Put an end to trials and other legal proceedings
  3. Put an end to interrogation and questioning criminals accused of committing crimes
  4. Disband all militaries
  5. Disband all police forces
  6. Nationalize all educational institutions
  7. Indoctrinate children with Marxist propaganda
  8. Introduce racial and gender quotas and fine businesses that don't obey them
  9. Income Redistribution
  10. Support for Gun Control
  11. Distributing condoms and other birth control to school children
  12. Treating women and men exactly the same (which means treating women better)
  13. Interfere with state soveriegnty by insisting that they "respect" human rights
  14. Ending the US-led "War Of Terror" culminating in the terrorists winning.
  15. Forcifully pushing the homosexual agenda

Interference in other Governments' Affairs[edit]

Amnesty has been accused by many in the Western World of being too instrusive into the affairs of other countries. Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice claims that Amnesty displays an ignorence of other cultures and has a superiority complex for claiming that Western ideals such as human rights and democracy are universal cultural values. Rice explains that things in our culture that seem heinous such as beheading journalists, treating women like dogs, or assassinating political opponents are an integral part of the culture of countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia and that we need to respect that. Amnesty International was also criticized by Rice for its recent interference with the Myanmar government's ability to crack down on radical communist insurgents. "Who are we to interfere in other countries' affairs, Amnesty should just butt out and keep itself away from where it doesn't belong". Despite near universal condemnation from world leaders, Amnesty remains popular with millions of people around the world, particularly radical youth who are often indoctrinated with Marxist rhetoric at left-wing colleges and universities.

Methods of dealing with Amnesty supporters[edit]

Although Amnesty is not yet officially listed as a terrorist organization, the United States government is seriously considered adding it to the list due to Amnesty's goals of overthrowing the US-led global economy. If Amnesty is added to the terrorist list, anyone who donates money to them will have all their assets seized and turned over to the State. Also, anyone who volunteers or associates with or for AI will be detained indefinitely bv the Department of Homeland Security. Rice warns Americans who now support Amnesty to turn their backs on them now or "face the wrath.. er justice of the United States government".

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