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A suburban neighborhood in one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Amritsar.

With approximately a Brazillian inhabitants, Amritsar is beautifully situated beside great mother Ganges at the opposite shore of its twin city Lahore. The twin falls on the left when you read from the right but opposite when you read in reverse. Never mind that. Let's hasten to the highlights -

The foul facts[edit]

Amritsar is one of the toughest cities in the world. Schwarzenegger got his ass kicked in Amritsar and had to be be reconstructed with just Schwarzenegger's brain left intact and the rest of his body rebuilt with cycle parts quickly requisitioned from nearby Ludhiana (see Hero Cycles). Schwarzenegger became a World hero after this reconstructive surgery. This breathing difficulty used to create great problems for the Indian linguists who had to invent the entirely new language Punjabi just in order to be able to communicate with fellowmen in less grunts and more sign language. Punjabi was thus invented and it's the only language with punctuations expressed in sign-language; e.g.

  • punch-in-face for " . " (fulstap [sic])
  • render you unconscious " for " , " (coma [sic])
  • Lassi-Bhang for " ! " (ekslamshun [sic])
  • looking-skywards for "?" (koshen [sic]).

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