Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey

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An anal dwelling butt monkey is a small mammal that lives in the rectal areas of a human bieng. Many people believe that htis animal was bought into existance by the film Bruce Almighty, but many buttologists belive that the creature dated back to the Middle Ages when Henry VII pulled a monkey out of his arse. A picture of an anal dwelling monkey would be appreicated by buttologists all around the world...

When, after the act of poonery, the man takes off his condom, by the open end, then strikes the lady on both cheeks with one motion, while uttering the words "I demand satisfaction." Whereby The man challenges the woman to a repeated sexual duel.

Natural Predators[edit]

Unfortunatly Anal Dwelling Butt Monkeys have many natural predators including... The Monkees, The Arctic Monkeys, Gays, Rectal Thermometers, Henry VII, And the natural habitat of Lucy Bentley