Anal arboreum

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Anal arboreum, commonly known in layman's terms as "Tree Ass," is a debilitating disease in which a living tree grows out of the affected individual's anal opening. Anal arboreum is most prevalent in developing countries where seedless fruit is hard to come by and thus the local population is forced to eat fruit that contains seeds. Without periodic medical treatment and monitering Anal Arboreum can be fatal, killing up to 80% of victims. People who have developed Anal Arboreum do not need to defacate due to the fact that the tree roots embedded in the anus absorb the feces as nutrients.

Causes and Preventative Measures[edit]

The main cause of this disease is usualy eating a whole tree seed. Alternately one could get this disease via analy inserting tree seeds or nuts. Even though only 1 in every 10,000,000 whole tree seeds swallowed will develop into Anal Arboreum, preventative steps should be taken to keep your ass tree free. The only known way to 100% prevent Anal Arboreum is to not ingest tree seeds or insert them analy. A notable carier of the disease is Tree Man who, ironically,has the largest Anal Arboreum on record but still denies its existance on the grounds that he still hasn't seen the tree.