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Anarcho-Stalinism is a political ideology that has been predicted to take over Russia's current democracy by 2030, according to Noam Chomsky. According to Anarcho-Stalinism a communist society with no laws will be brought into existence through a totaliterian ruler. The abolition of state occurs in that the state will no longer exist, however, an invisible state ruled by the totaliterian authoriy will exist. The ruler will not use any force to opress the society. All society will have freedom, however, they just will choose to be communist and choose to rally together to oppose any revolutionaries.

In Anarcho-Stalinism the military is an important part of the control exerted by the anrachist state upon its guerilla faction. The military will be formed from participatory economics whereby every member of society donates an equal amount of money to the production of guns and other warfare. The communist state will defend its position voluntarily and not by instruction of the ruler. In fact, the ruler, doesn't acutally exist as a ruler; however he is to be seen as an organisor of the Anarcho-Stalinist state and in no way benefits more than other members of the communist society.


Anarcho-Stalinism does not yet exist as an ideology. While Noam Chomsky did say Russia would eventually adopt Anarcho-Stalinism by 2030, this is just heresay sent back in time from a minutes script of the 2018 Anarcho-Syndicalist state of heaven's meeting. As this prediction was sent in 2018 it is still uncertain as to whether Russia will adopt this ideology by 2030.

First established Anarcho-Stalinist party[edit]

Takis Michas, the international secretary of Greece’s new centrist-liberal party Democratic Alliance, revealed that their evil rival, the Coalition of the Radical Left, is Anarcho-Stalinist[1]. Some people interpret this as a hint that Democratic Alliance, opposing everything Coalition of the Radical Left stands for, is actually the first Stalino-Anarchist party.

Difference from Anarcho-Marxism-Leninism and Anarcho-Trotskyism[edit]

Anarcho-Stalinism differs from Anarcho-Marxism-Leninism in that Joseph Stalin is the man attributed with coming up the theory, however he never actually made any record of it. Bill Clinton's meeting with a psychic in 1993 foretold that Stalin had thought of Anarcho-Stalinism and that while it didn't exist as an ideology, it would exist in the future thanks to a transcript sent back in time from Noam Chomsky. Other than that, they are the same thing.

Criticisms of Anarcho-Stalinism[edit]

In a 2022 transcripted argument between Ayn Rand and Joseph Stalin, both make some harsh criticism:

Ayn Rand:

"Society will never buy into that tripe!! I am an anarcho individualist and I see that as being the worst thing that could happen to anarchism."

Joseph Stalin

"In reply Ayn, I believe that this could potentially work. That is solely because my name is in the title. Other than that it won't work. This is because the people of Russia are too used to getting fukced over by oligarchs and they wouldn't know what to do if that stopped!! On the other hand Ayn your anarchist views are so disillusioned that I want to bite your head off, and I shall order someone to do so."