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Ancalagon is an independet underground band that plays a sophisticated Techcnical Noise True Brutal Satanic Death Black Metal. From Vaduz, Liechtenstein, the band was formed in 1991 and stays with the same original members:

Sahjroz - Guitars and vocals;

Azknahell Nööhlynfhrrhnder - Guitars and vocals;

Thururs Troll - Guitars and vocals;

Akhnoyhr - Bass and vocals;

Ndyhabolyck - Drum, percussion and vocals.

Ancalagon lyrics treat religions in sarcastic, critic, offensive and pejorative way.

Ancalagon released a homonymous demo-tape before its debut album. With just 5 songs - one just a little introduction with less than 2 minutes - the tape surprised who had listened. On the introduction, strange sounds and violins. After the introduction a nameless song with more than 27 minutes of the most pure Technical Extreme Noise Brutal Death Black Metal. On the B-side of the tape there a song with english lyric called "Black Souls". A lot of fans consider the best song of the demo-tape, because in just 13 minutes the band shows the brutal sound with extreme speed and cadenced parts. Always showing the impressive hability of all the musicians. The 4th music, "...", let who listen with no words, with so brutality and violence. On the last song, "Khiorgh Aver Nutchdush", Ancalagon show that is fidel to their roots and make a sound that is a hymn, mixing exotic instruments with Metal.

Ancalagon (demo-tape)[edit]

01 - Intro (1:56)

02 - (27:44)

03 - Black Souls (13:01)

04 - ... (9:12)

05 - Khiorgh Aver Nutchdush (7:40)

Hymfler Ov Goatlord Ino Dieskau (double album) - (1993)[edit]

01 - The Satan's Voice (Calling Blugh Satan) (0:23)

02 - Satan (17:00)

03 - The Power ov Satan On Earth ()

04 - The Holocaust Ov Satan ()

05 - The Angels Ov Satan ()

06 - Satan And His Satanic Place ()

07 - Paradise Ov Satan ()

08 - Serving Satan With Honor (5:37)

09 - Satan's Embrace: The Apocalypse In The End Ov God's Empire (12:23)

10 - Thank Satan (4:06)

The Blasphemous Necropsy Ov The Mummified God - (1997)[edit]

01 - Warriors Ov Satan (2:03)

02 - Sacrifices For Satan (21:43)

03 - Satan's Age ()

04 - The Rays Ov Fire Ov The Eyes Ov Satan ()

05 - Satan's Banger ()

The Dangerous Killer Ov Anubis The Thundergod - (1997)[edit]

01 - The Black Goat's Horn Ov Satan

02 - True Words Ov Satan

03 - Intruder In The Satan's Kingdom

04 - Satan Is More Satanic Than The Most Satanic Ov The Satanic Creatures Ov Satan

Some facts[edit]

  • All Ancalagon songs has in the name the world "Satan".
  • Whoever listens to Ancalagon becomes a Satanist immediately, even without his/her own consent or by accident when some neighbour plays their music too loud.