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Andor or Andoria
That Fucking Region Between France and Spain
Andorra.gif Marijuana.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "We exist! Honest!"
Anthem: "Shit be trippin' in Andorra"
LocationAndorra.png not to scale
Capital Andorrabunda!
Largest city St. Louis, Missouri
Official language(s) AAAAAAAA
Government Relies on Samuel L. Jackson to open the occasional can of whoop ass. Otherwise, this
Commander of Ye Faithe Dick Cheney
National Hero(es) Mountains, Your Mom, and all the French leaders and the Bishops of Urge.
 of Independence
Nobody cares
Currency Grass
Religion Poor-Jew-Girl

“Why does nobody like me?”

~ Emo-Andorra on Andorra

“Everything's excellent in Andorra.”

~ Nobody on Andorra

“Where is Andorra? Who cares anyway?”

~ President Bush on Andorra

The moon of a ringed gas giant, Andoria is the capital world of the Andorian Empire, one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets and home to the Andorians and the Aenar.

Andoria is located close to Vulcan, which led to a series of conflicts between the Andorian Empire and the Vulcans. In 2154, the Vulcan High Command deployed a fleet of starships to stage an attack near Regulus, which lies just outside Andorian sensor range. Andoria is also relatively close to the Sol system.

The Star Fleet Technical Manual places Andoria in orbit of Epsilon Indi.

Andoria is an ice world, with a human-breathable oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Andorian cities are underground and take their energy from geothermal activity. The cities are connected to each other by thousands of kilometers of tunnels.

Only during rare heatwaves will the temperature on Andoria rise above freezing, and even then only for a few weeks at a time. During mid-summer, a temperature reading of -28° is not uncommon.

Kasidy Yates considered the mountains of Andoria as a site for a honeymoon with Benjamin Sisko in 2375.


Andoria.jpg Andoria is inhabited by the blue skinned Andorian species of humanoids, and the Aenar, a subspecies of the Andorians. There was contact between the two sentient species on Andoria in the distant past, but eventually contact was lost and both species only vaguely remembered the other in myths and stories. It wasn't until around 2154 that contact was re-established between the Andorians and the Aenar.

The Kumari was the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria.

Following the agreement of the cease fire on Weytahn in 2152, talks were continued on Andoria, where it was hoped that more than "just talk" would be accomplished.

Prior to entering the Delphic Expanse, Talas suggested to Shran that they should head back to Andoria while they were still able.

In 2153 the Vulcan High Command planned to attack Andoria.

In 2154, the crew of Enterprise (NX-01) set course for Andoria to return the crew of the destroyed warship Kumari home for medical attention.

"Chirurgeon" is a top medical profession on Andoria.

In designing her new solarium, Yanas Tigan used tile she imported from Andoria, which she then had hand-painted by this charming old man she met on a trip to the Hovarian Cluster.


Andorra's Movie Industry accounts for nearly 2,345% of the total taxable income in Andorra, if one is to believe the government. All of it is porn.



There are approximately 7 people that live in Andorra, not including John Travolta, because he sucks. The country also has approximately 650,000 illegal immigrants, mostly from China but also from Kansas, Albania and Ricky Martin.

Nazi Pikachu is also rumored to currently living illegally in Andorra. Along with This Guy Named Ted.

In Andorra taxes are very low. That is why gazoline, tabacco and alcohol is very cheap, although it is unclear up to today how these goods can be tranported into the country. Because of it's desolate location it is thougth that these goods are transported to the country by the use of large distance rockets. The consequence of the cheap alcohol is that everybody in Andorra is drunk all day. This in combination with the one mountain and the one winding road without crash barriers is that 1200 per 1000 citizens drive themselves to death every year. The 7 native Andorrans are likely to be extinct within 27 hours because of this reasons, they do not now how to reproduce themselves. Luckily the Chinese immigrants are very good in reproducing themselves, so the populations is lickely to be constant over the next 142 days.


The Geography of the region is one mountain with one winding road (N376) and 2.5 ski resorts with 7 ski tracks. In the main shitwhole of the country 67 liquor stores are located which are visited by approximately 23 confused hiking tourists every year. There are also some trees and a duck, though the duck has been known to move resulting in Andorra's official maps changing every seventeen seconds. Although most students around the world are amazed to know that starting in 2012 construction on a paved road connecting these farms will begin, making Andorra the second most industrialized country in Africa.

Native Population[edit]

The Invasion of Andoria by the Ass-raptors in 456 BC.

Andorra had a large population of Native Ninjas before the conquest by the Europeans. A small percentage of the population exists as Native Ninjas, although they are mostly illegal immigrants from Mars. All Andorrans have a fetish for tea towels.


Andorra has the highest Per Capita amount of Bicycle Pumps, 5 per each person!

A common hobby in Andorra is rubbing Asbestos on your genitals and then playing hop-scotch.

The national dish of Andorra is Terrel Owens Pain Killer Casserole.

List of Rulers[edit]

  1. Small Chinese Man (15,000BC to 3,000BC)
  2. Black Jesus and his pal wolf (3,000BC to 496BC)
  3. Gzandikzzy 'Pzescemo' Czeszchovisc (496BC to 32AD)
  4. regular Jesus (32AD to 32AD)
  5. The Anti-Pope (33AD to 690AD)
  6. Various cheeses (691AD to 564AD)
  7. Henry VIII the Ninth (1492AD to 1440AD)
  8. All twelve Bill Clinton clones (9999 BC to 9998 BC)
  9. Ninja Lords I through XXXVII (1800AD to 1805AD)
  10. Ninja Lords XXXVIII through MM (1805AD to 1899AD)
  11. George W. Bush and zombie Jimmy Carter (1956AD to 1961AD)

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