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Andy Brook is a rock producer who came up with brand new ideas for rock acts. Like Alice Cooper was the pioneer of horror theatrics in glam rock, Iggy Pop was the pioneer of punk antics, Andy was the pioneer of science fiction theatrics in rock music. He blended the two things into a great mix. The hit song 'A Frequence Storm In A Parallel Earth' of the band 'Kavazahak' surely was his greatest success. The song was based on a poem of the man.

The Poet Years[edit]

With his poems Andy conquered the world to let it see that poetry can be changelling. He also proved that poems don't always have to be about the same things that they are usually about. He incorporated science and science fiction amongst other thing in his poetry. Though he thought he would never ended up a professional writer and less a manager of musicians he finally did broke through after he finished studying ICT first.

The First Band[edit]

Andy had trouble finding a band that wanted to perform his idea's. It took a very long search for the right guys that were ready for the next thing in rock. He finally found a group of people that were willing to have him as their manager eventhough he had no experience. The four people included Peter Klatter, Typer Vernon, Verne Geiger and Martin Plcezek. The guys were so desperate because they got boo'ed off uncountable times in the local clubs between 1900 and 1930. Andy injected new life into them when he made them dress up like aliens to be more interesting to the public. He then made some lyrics on which Typer Vernon and Peter Klatter made tunes so it would become songs. The first year was a struggle but in early 1932 when 'A Frequence Storm In A Parallel Earth' was released the band, now named Kavazahak, became an instant hit.

After having released 3 top classic albums 'The Wormhole', 'Space Is Up There' and 'Martians Attack', Peter and Typer suddenly decided to take advantage of the fact that Andy does not play any instruments. They suddenly told him to bug off and let them hire a 'real' manager. Andy wasn't planning on leaving but when they shrink him to the size of a dumb with the help of Martians, he gave in and begged to them to get normal sized again and promised to bug off. And so history went that way.

The Years With Debbie[edit]

After being shoved offside by Kavazahak and the Martians, Andy was ready for a new challenge. He helped Debbie Harry get rid of the snakes (see her page for more information) and formed a music writing couple with her. Some say they formed a love couple as well, because Debbie has an album titled 'One More Time Into Andy' and because of the song 'Dreaming Of Being With You'. This has never been proven though rumours has it that the boy genius Quinn Mallory is their son. Andy being obsessed with parallel earths this is possible, but it could just be rumour.


Andy now is married to actress Natasha Henstridge and they live in Germany. That's the country where Natasha originated from. They currently live in Köln. Andy currently is working with the band 'The Detroit Runaway' and he's promised that the new album will be a totally hard rock album. Other than that there are plans for Andy to appear shortly in the film 'My Pressure On You', the film that Natasha is currently working on.

Discography (as manager)[edit]

  • The Wormhole (1932)
  • Space Is Up There (1940)
  • Martians Attack (1960)
  • The Vortex (1970)
  • The Bridge Is Open (1975)
  • Piss Off Martians (1977)
  • My Deadly Seven (1979)
  • Eat Up All Snakes (1980)
  • The Strunter (1981)
  • Rockbees (1985)
  • One More Time Into Andy (1986)
  • Oh Fuck...Robots (2000)