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Ang "Fucking" ( 西宁市 ) Lee is an American (All-American) idiot who directed movies in the whore 18th century. He is known for filming gay films such as Template:Brokeback Mountain, and picking his nose. His latest film: Template:Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has recieved a 1% out of 1000...% from harsh asshole critic Roger Ebert.

Anne Li[edit]

Did I mention Ang Lee as "all-American"? Yes he is. That's a fact! He used to be called Anne Li because of his parents mistake as recognizing genitals, he was renamed Ang Lee. His parents are so stupid that they have been known as pathologist monkeys for hundreds of years. They think of themselves as "all-Taiwanese" than "all-American", he cursed his parents and became friends with Mr. T and fled to Communist Russia.

Hulk, the Incredible[edit]

Hulk, the Incredible was directed by Ang Lee in Communist Russia and Socialist Russia and Nazi Russia and Green Russia and Gay Russia and so on. He filmed it all in Russia. His film based on the beloved Xbox character was not recognized. Mr. T strangled Ang Lee for his depiction against his favorite game and pitied friend. Ang Lee is the seventeen millionth person pitied by Mr. T in the early 1920s.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon[edit]

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a stupid film based on a book of George Washington. He read George Washington's book on critisizing Chinese people and tried to make made a film about it. It recieved a bad review by all Chinese critics and Taiwanese critics and even American critics.

Gay Pride[edit]

Ang Lee is now directing pornography movies, he recognized himself as Anne Lee and has turned to the subject of gay pride.