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=Angles and Twatshaves=


Angles and Airwaves, also known as Angles and Twatshaves, was created in 1883, when the lead singer of blink 281, Tom DeThong, wanted to create another super shitty group of sorry bastards. He decided that since the drummer and bass player of his former band, Navis Farker and Mark Crappus, wouldn't let him borrow their favorite douche nozzle, he would start a group where everyone would share the best douche nozzles and bags. So off thent DeThong, looking for other transies to fit his douchetastic needs.

The original members of Blink 281

The search[edit]

Tourettes Guy

  • His first pick was the infamous Tourrets Guy, who when asked to join, simply said, "UPDATE!!! WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT BIGFOOT?! ANOTHER UPDATE! NOBODY GIVES A SHIT, THAT'S WHO!" then proceeded to fall into the bushes because of his hammeredness. Tom saw his chance, and had away with Tourettes Guy's body, before wiping his asshole, and moving on in search of more people to ask.

The Roaming Gnome

  • His second pick was the popular Travelosity Roaming Gnome. Tom just couldn't stop thinking about how fun it would be to get a blumpkin from a plastic figure. When he approched the roaming Gnome, it instantly recognized him, and jumped in front of an 18 wheeler carrrying 200 Mexican Politicians, and 6 cans of diet soda. Tom was saddened because now he knew that his dream of plastic people sex would never come true. Tom raped the flatened corpse, then moved on to find someone else.

The Rock of the Ages

  • His third choice was to consult the all knowing, all seeing, and all paper chewing rock of ages. When approached, the rock replied: "Doust thou require cheese? The goats will soon run red with orgasmic kidney beans beginning the search for the perfect GWAR farse of nakedness." Tom knew he had found the perfect member. He asked the rock if it wanted to be in the band. The rock soon replied : "What do you think I am? A fucking rock that spews random messages of nonsense?" Tom only had time to begin a sentance before the rock flew off, leaving a large Ssamich on Tom's shoe.

Eventually, Mark found his members. They include Divad Ydennek, Mota Dralliw, and Nayr Nnis. He found Divad in a small child's closet, he found Mota hiding in the sewers, and he found Nayr in the middle of the colorado desert. We're still sketchy on the details of how he persueded or forced them to join the "band".


Angles and Twatshaves is composed of these ingredients.

  • Ground Fag
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Flowers
  • Index Cards
  • Lead
  • Small Furry Animals (usually in the form of roadkill.)
  • Plastic
  • Zinc Oxide
  • My Intestinal Tract
  • A fart
  • A grumpy old black man's bong.
  • A sprig of poo
  • A Feminist.
The Angles and Twatshaves logo.