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so angry
television dynamite!

Angry Boy is one of the most popular TV shows ever. He's on MTXTV more than Star Trek.

Angry Boy, the star of the show, is a normal two-year-old child who was kidnapped by aliens and had his brain surgically removed and implanted in an indestructable giant robot body. Then they sent him back to Earth to walk around and smash things and make trouble. They record his antics and broadcast it back on their home planet, where it is a popular show.

Angry Boy has incredible temper tantrums that destroy entire city blocks. You can hurt him but he regenerates. Beautiful women can calm him by singing sweet lullabies, but sometimes he gets mad and pulls off their heads. One time he threw a bathtub through a battleship. He will often walk through walls to get to the other side.

Angry Boy is the only known living (If you can call him that) Creature ever to survive a Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick, but he was left badly injured, in the process he took three hairs from chucks beard, this caused chuck intense pain, so much in fact, that bruce lee took the chance and attacked chuck, almost defeating him. An old lady kicked karate and tried it on Chuck Norris, but he totally went house on her and now they're not allowed to show that clip on Youtube. Then Angry Boy sang In The Ghetto and killed a man.

When Angry Boy comes to town, the citizens go crazy trying to keep him calm, keep him entertained, worship him like a god, play soothing music, cook him good food, avoid loud noises... never works.

Here is a picture of His Angriness.

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Angry Boy also eats his own poop.