Angry Ninja

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The Angry Ninja is well known as the worst-preforming ninja or all time. He drinks sake all day, but, unlike other ninjas, has no tolerance for it. Instead of a hood, he wears a taco hat, and instead of shuirkens, he throws Rubik's cubes. He is self-proclaimed "Angry," but most other ninjas call him, "retarded."


HOW DID SUCH A DOUCHEBAG BECOME A NINJA, EH? The Angry Ninja became a ninja before the "No fatties" rule was added to the Ninjamicon. Years and years ago, he failed the initiation tests. Of course, the loophole to being initiated as a ninja requires you either: "Pass the test or do something really fucking awesome." As a twist of fortune, The Angry Ninja was so pissed he failed the test, he ate the still-beating heart of his firt born son. Fucking awesome, right?