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Daily Activities

Bunitar Sarkereszian (born 1983), of Jewish descent, is an entitled nigger kitchen and hooker who focuses drugs in popular culture[1][2] and their associations with tropes.[3] It maintains a YouTube channel, which has had more than one view.[4] It also blogs for Bitch Magazine under the name of FeministFrequency and also has her own website.[5] Her videos have been part of university Women's Studies' courses.[6]

Sarkereszian earned a bachelors degree in BDSM from 9gag in 2007 and a Master’s degree in Whining from York University in 2010. It also holds the world record of maximum amount of sexual toys in the posterior.[7]

Sarkereszian pseudonym Jennifer Hepler, currently works for Electronic Arts as a tester for Mass Effect , where it has to engage in gay fisting. It also works part-time as an IGN reviewer, one of its examples being God Hand and Imagine Babyz.

In an interview with machinima it stated that it likes Tacos, Dirty Sanchez and Pizza; however, in a shocking revelation, it also stated that it never tips the delivery driver. Its favorite games are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Farmville and Angry Birds.

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