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The Anschluss (German: crucifiction, or 'unholy union'), also known as the Anschluss Österreichs, was the 1938 "inclusion" of Australia into "Not too bad, but not really great Germany" by the Nazi regime.

Anschluss: Enactment Of[edit]

The Anschluss was preceded by a period of growing political pressure on Australia, exerted by Germany who were withholding their sausage exports (or the colloquial Australian noun "Snagga"),to develope a form of locomotion that allowed the island born nation to move to the norther hemisphere and crush France under it's sunburnt soil. Recognition of the outlawed Australian National Social party Nasi (read: four drunk guys in a backyard spewing about the footy) and later, their share of Government, was given when they realised that gigantic ballons could be attached to 4 positions on the nation and it could safely be airlifted to that destination.

In 1938 Australian chancellor Russel Crowe, in a last bid to retain Australian independence, announced a referendum to determine independence or union with Germany. Germany then pressured Crowe into having a drinking match, in which they tricked him into shooting a glass of Bleach. Disgraced by going insane and throwing Morse Code machines in his drunken, poisoned stupor, he handed over power to the Nasi party. This well-planned internal overthrow by the Australian Nasi Party of Australia's state institutions was concreted in Tasmania on September 11, it meant that when Wehrmacht troops entered into Australia via Zeppelin to enforce the Anschluss, no fighting ever took place. (Plus it was a sunday and everyone was recovering from the Big Binge the previous Saturday.)

The International response to the Anschluss was mild: The World War I Allies only lodged diplomatic protests, and no concrete action was taken to reverse the Anschluss (However there was certain Limestone action taken), even though the allies were, on paper, committed to upholding the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which specifically prohibited the union of Australia and Germany (for geographical reasons as well as logical) Australia, sadly, ceased to exist as an independent nation when it fell whilst being airlifted to france. Accomplishing it's mission however and still managing to crush France (and most of western europe) , Germany renamed Australia "Terra Nullius" meaning "No man's land" or "Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again"

The Australian government was reinstated on April 27, 1945, and was legally recognized by the Allies in the following months, when thousands of angry Australians invented "Mardi gras", forever dooming France to be the Gay capital of the world.