Anthony The VIII Of Siam

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Anthony VIII of Siam
King of Siam
Reign 30 October, 1992 – Present
Full name Anthony Duane Abdul Jabaar
Predecessor Ronald McDonald
Successor Incumbent
Consort Queen Somanas Vadhanavadi
Issue 82 sons and daughters
Dynasty Chakri Dynasty
Royal anthem Fat Bottom Girls
Father Buddha Loetla Nabhalai
Mother Queen Srisuriyendra

Anthony VIII Of Siam (October 18, 1804) is king of Siam. Historians have widely regarded him as one of the most remarkable kings in modern history. For his role in introducing Western science and scientific methodology to Siam, he is honored to this day in Siam as the country's "Father of Modern Science and Technology".

Early Life[edit]

Anthony was born a poor black child in Mongolia. When he was six he won a trip to Siam from his local Burger King. Siam was in the middle of it's 1992 "Fluffy Revolution." The Revolutionaries decided to place Anthony as the sole leader of Siam.

Reign as king[edit]

Anthony VIII raped Siam's economy during the first three days of his reign. He spend more than eight billion pounds of Cambodians on ice cream and Cookie Crisp. During the next week, he decided to push one third of Siam's population into the ocean and use them to build schools and hospitals. Many people were quite angry at this as many people they knew were killed in this push into the ocean, but they did enjoy the education and healthcare. For the next few years he continued making strange decisions, but they always came back to help the people of Siam. This made his popularity ratings go up and down quite often. Some westerners have attempted to come to Siam to educate the children. Anthony has all these westerners shot on sight and made into bricks for schools. He has recently asked the United Kingdom for more western teachers to help build more schools. Under his reign he has built so many schools that every person has at least four schools within eight feet of their homes. The Siamese do not complain otherwise they are turned into bricks to build more schools.


Anthony was though to be Mormon but was not because Mormons are weird and creepy. In 2005, he revealed that he is not a Mormon because he is not gullible.