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When anthropomorphine was discontinued, the company was left with millions of unused bottles, which were sold to a syrup company.

In 1985 the Happy Happy Pills Pharmaceutical Company created anthropomorphine. The drug, when placed inside a specially designed bottle, would cause the bottle to sprout arms, legs, and human-like facial features. In addition, it would also appear to come to life and actively tell people to take it.


When anthropomorphine was submitted for FDA approval, several drunk FDA officials promptly approved the drug saying it was "the funniest fucking thing [they'd] ever seen." The next morning, after everyone had sobered up, was spent frantically attempting to recall all the anthropomorphine that had been shipped to pharmacies across the country. Due to the FDA's quick reaction time, the number of injuries was greatly minimized.


In 1988 Happy Happy Pills discontinued the production of any and all anthropomorphine. One of the reasons cited for the discontinuation was that the only thing they could get the anthropomorpic bottles to say was "drink me!"

They then switched to the production of Happy Happy Beverade, which continues to this day. Happy happy!


In a recent study in 2005, anthropomorphine was declared as the most used substance in youths ages negative 6 to 24.