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The symbol of the coalition.
The wikibomb is the most important weapon of the army of the coalition.....
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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Anti-Wikipedia Coalition.

The Anti-Wikipedia Coalition[1] (also known as the A-W Coalition[2], and the A-W C[3]) is a coalition of members of Wikipedia who have the intent to tear down the ruthless organized resource of lies that Wikipedia has let loose onto the world wide web. However, the battle against this powerful and destructive force of lies is going to take tremendous effort, and we need more members in order to achieve our goals of freeing America of this plague of malevolent information, and bringing truth to the American people. To become a member, here's how, in a simple step-by-step format:naruto

  • Step 1. Access Wikipedia via the internet
  • Step 2. Bring on any article on Wikipedia that is suspect to lies in the information (or any other article)
  • Step 3. Edit the information in the article to fix any lies, with a footnote at any edits saying "Edited by the Anti-Wikipedia Coalition". If the article does not contain any false information, simply add highly researched and proven truths, as long as you include the footnote at the end of your editing.
  • Step 4. Due to the likeliness that this page will be banned, copy the entire text in any article titled "Anarchy" (using copy&paste), and then create another page named something along the lines of "The Anti-Wikipedia Coalition", "The Anti-Wikipedia Coalition Article", "The A-W Coalition", or simply "Wikipedia Sucks"
  • Step 5. Continue your editing for the good of America, and for the entire Anti-Wikipedia Coalition, until you can continue no long (most likely due to hand cramps initiated by excessive typing for the cause, or possibly being banned from membership to Wikipedia.)

If you are banned from Wikipedia, please know that you can still access Wikipedia, you simply cannot edit information in it, or unplug your router for five minutes to switch ip adresses and create new account and continue editing.


The West Pafia, the Polish Mafia group of the West, is the overarching group to which the Anti-Wikipedia Coalition belongs. It is structured into many organizations, most notably and most relevantly the Harassment Branch. Underneath the Harassment Branch is the Anti-Wikipedia Coalition Sub-Branch. Within this Sub-Branch of the West Pafia are several departments. There is the Tactical Operations Department, the Executive Department, and the Enlistment Department.

Please continue all violent acts against The Wikipedia Gestapo, it's National/Socialist beliefs, and it's Arayan Followers and Site Patrollers, to the Wikipedia websites, and do not promote any violence against Wikipedia except in the form of verbal slaughter (and other forms of your civil right to free speech and press) towards the cause of bringing about the destruction of the heresy of evil lies Wikipedia have concocted into an encyclopedic website.


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