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Anti-communist are anyone who hates anyone who is not American, this includes whoever the hell made Stonehenge. To become a Anti-communist, all you have to do is be born in America. If you were not born in America (Hitler, Stalin, The Pope, Harry Potter) you are a communist.


Non-Anti-communist are people who are against Anti-communism. Like boys who kiss boys, Homos are Non-Anti-communist. Now, just because you are a Non-Anti-communist dose not mean you are a communist. Like anyone who says Cuba or China is cool. That means you are a Non-Anti-communist, and you need to leave the country.

Communist In The Making[edit]

Communist are still at large and still teaching people there anti-Christ teachings. Take Cuba for example. No one likes Cuba except communist. Not even Cubans like Cuba. Also take a look at a communist flag, it is the color red. This just shows that communist invented red. You know what els is the color red, hell. Plus, apples are the color red. Know we all know that Eve got kicked out of Eden because she ate the communist apple. So that just shows that red is evil.The only other way we are aloud to use the color red is in the American Flag. It stands for Anti-communist all around the world, so don't start burning you flags.

Other Nations[edit]

Other countries do not celebrate anti-communist day because other countries are Communist (Cuba, Russia, Iran, France, Mexico, Vatican City).