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Anti kittens are the product of the dryer experiments that took place very near the beginning of the universe when Christopher Walken ruled all and Chuck Norris was somewhere in the background. These were basically kittens who had all of their atoms removed by washers, placed into dryers and teleported to the place where all socks go when they are lost at the laundromat. Needless to say, this made them very unhappy. Once the kittens were in the vast limbo which is known as "Sock Zone" they had nothing except socks. Everywhere they looked there were socks all around and approximatly twelve dollars and thirty nine cents in change. Since all these kittens were bouncing around along with all of these shoe undergarments a massive amount of static cling built up and the kittens began to stick to one another in groups usually of 2 or 3. As the increase in static began to soar, the bond between the kittens grew stronger until they became one entity. These kittens were usually multicolored, and their eyes could shoot laser beams. It is said that if a Anti-kitten came into contact with a kitten they would annihilate and become absoulutely nothing. It is also quite possible that they would asplode and bring about the destruction of the entire universe.