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One of the few known pictures of the feline beast
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Anti - Tamia?

In the Beginning[edit]

The Anti-Wilde is a part feline beast, from the darkest shadows, a creature of the night and a renegade force for Anti-Uncyclepediaism everywhere. A beast who came from the heavens to retrieve normality from the the grasp of the insane and to make what is right seem more right. Some time in 2006 the beast found an evil force of the internet and sort to do all in its power to prevent misguided information and the use of ill-gotten quotes. Some say the Beast is the Yang to the Oscar Wilde Yin and some say it is mere Legend, few images of the beast have ever been yet this stunning portrait is one of great use, it displays the beast characteristic markings that define if from Oscar Wilde himself, its cat like nose and the slight hint of a bum chin that allow it to adapt to the darkest depths of the internet and seek justice when the powers of evil are just not expecting it.

Some time soon the beast may get you.


What Would Anti Wilde do?

The beast has appeared at many places but few detected, this are some of its recent sighting.

  • This Nonsense protest
  • The recent Abba reunion concert in Belgium
  • Tesco Express in Cosham

Antiwilde.png You have been warned!
The Beast is watching.

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