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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Anti AAAAAAAAA!.

Hello ,my name is Evil Government Scientist #69 Gary ,I am sure you are wondering why you are here ,well two government agents beat ,raped and drugged you then brought you here your mom drove you here ,anyway you are here to be reeducated on the evils of AAAAAAAAA!

AAAAAAAAA!'s early life[edit]

AAAAAAAAA! is a evil thing created by some uncyclopedia user Satan ,you see satan made AAAAAAAAA! to end world hunger destroy us all ,AAAAAAAAA! was born on 12/5/1935 ,when AAAAAAAAA! was born AAAAAAAAA! didn't cry ,AAAAAAAAA! shouted out commands ,AAAAAAAAA! told the nurse to bring it beer and crackers ,when AAAAAAAAA! was in grade school it saved a kitten from being huffed by Tamia killed Tamia and then huffed her pet kitten ,when AAAAAAAAA! went to highschool Juvie he became prom king a snitch ,after finishing highschool Juvie he went to duke university and got a PhD in medicine and got kicked out for raping the entire LaCrosse team

Evil deeds that AAAAAAAAA! has commited[edit]

  • He invented kitten huffing
  • He invented christmas
  • He raped your father your mother and killed your mother your father
  • He didn't drown you at birth
  • He invented that annoying sound you get when you flush the toilet