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This word was introduced back in the late 16th century by Sir Edmund Word and has remained in every edition of every dictionary (of every language) ever since. Despite this prominence, nobody actually knows what it means, although there are a number of theories. Isaac Newton explained that "apoplexy is a rare condition infecting the lower quarter of the spleen," while Tamia thought of it as "a big sheep." By contrast, Chuck Norris described apoplexy as "a sheer lack of poplexy."

A meeting between the presidents of the G8 countries in Edinburgh, 2005 over the meaning of apoplexy was interrupted by a campaigner telling them to "shut up about this crap and talk about poverty." Said campaigner has now been shot and a warning has been issued to all media representatives that "if they talk about this any more they'll meet a sticky end." (You heard it here first.)

Of course, none of this cleared up the meaning of the word apoplexy, and in 2006 advocates of the Newton view clashed with those of the Norris view in the small but surprisingly cosmopolitan town of Total Network Solutions, Wales. Nobody survived, bar one shopkeeper who could run quite fast.

Apoplexy in world culture:

"Popular" TV show Big Brother's original title was to be Apoplexy, but nobody thought it would mean anything. That all changed, of course.

Pigs in Finland have the word apoplexy branded into their rumps at the age of 2, and have done since the beginning of time.

Apoplexy is George W. Bush's middle name.

McDonald's is sponsored by Apoplexy.

The MAFIA are known to their friends as "The Apoplexy That Don't Get Us."