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Now famously known for being one of the only masculine fruits in the Fruit Kingdom. Previoulsy it had been listed with the greats such as; Bannapenis, Hornylettuce, and Orangevagina. Now it remains the only left masculine fruit...because of the tradgic orgy accident.


There are only four Applepenis's known to man at this time (there had once been over 6 million of them before the orgy accident which we will explain later) and one of them can be found at Mount Olympus in Greece. The unique character of this Applepenis is that it constantly masturbates with unrelentless ejaculation unlike the norm of Applepenis's who usually masturbate for a few minutes, ejaculate, and then move on to self fertilization. The other three are found in north western Europe, and are thought to be sexually inactive.


The Applepenis mates by an extremely intense ritual in which it self fertilizies itself while finishing its vigorous masturbation. The ritual can get extremely violent as much thrashing about takes place when it starts to actually place the sperm into its vagina.


It has been observed that in recent decades the Applepenis has been actually going through a bout of abstinence and has been recently declining in numbers due to the lack of self fertilization. Another reason for the decline of this intriguing species is th "Orgy Accidnet". This misplaced accident occured on Spring Break '92 when an orgy of masculine fruits gathered to self fertilize and when a Hornylettuce was releasing its sperm it bent an Applepenis's male genitalia out of place and it soon exploded into the crowd of masculine fruits. It is known that 67,843 masculine fruits perished that day...bruises and all.