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Arch bridges are, well, an arched bridge. and to those who don't know what an arch looks like, you're all stupid. and if you don't know what a bridge looks like then you are also stupid.

The History of Arched Bridges[edit]

The famed biologist James Brown teh 11th, discovered that a flat Bridge could be arched should the right ammount of sub-level plasma be applied to the base. He discovered this while eating his lunch when he succesfully split a cracker in half and made an arch. He went onto invent the house of cards.

This idea was first made to full scale in the times of the romans, where it was said the Arch Bridge played his fiddle while [Rome] burned. He was brought to justice soon after when the imperial guards pushed him out of the airlock. His child, Arch Bridge II, went on to greatness. He was caravaned to England where he found a beautiful keystone that they chose to spend thier life with. Having many children, the lagacy lived on. Up to modern times, Arch Bridge the XVI lives in Milan with his wife and three children.

Arch Bridge the XVI[edit]

The most well known in the Arch Bridge line. Losing his sight to a horrible Twinky incident, he persevered by learning to relate sounds to objects. Developing an incredible acting talent, Arch Bridge XVI became one of the few child actors of his time. Having an issue with drugs at the age of 17, his producers and agents argued that he go to the Betty Ford Clinic. Nine months later, clean and refreshed, producers from all over LA wanted his name in thier credits.


The Arched Bridge appeared in Shanghai Nights, where he played one of the several background characters. He went onto star in The Pink Panther as "The bad guy" and in Happy Feet as the voice of Mumble.

The Assassination[edit]

The Arched Bridge Ferdinand was assassinated on one of his morning walks by a hidden wrecking ball. The assailant denied all claims that he was involved in the death of the Arched Bridge. After being rushed to the hospital and put on life support, the Arched Bridge survived only a few hours before dying of blood in 1913.

Funerary Practices[edit]

During teh Arched Bridges time, he had to constantly hold funerals for his ansestors living in Ancient Rome. The way in which these events were held is a family secret, and is now protected by the Government, just the way that the Government is with holding information on alien invasions