Archbishop Makarios

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'The turks! What the Fuck are they gonna do!' - Archbishop Makarios in July 1974.

Archbishop Makarios was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1920, and fled to Cyprus when the turks attacked and murdered his family for not being turkish enough. Makarios from the years 1960 until 1974 was an international sex symbol, rivalling Cherie Blair and Barbra Streisand for the coveted - sexiest man alive trophy, which he won in 1973.

Makarios lived in Nicosia, Cyprus until the Turks, along with some Greeks, hunted him down in July 1974 for being too hot. Previously that month, Makarios had topped FHM's poll of the 100 sexiest men alive, and previous to that, he had topped GQ magazine's poll of the best dressed man alive, stating that his long black robes and hat, made women moist.

The Turks hunted him down in 1974 where Makarios fled to the town of Paphos where the British later gang raped him because he was so beautiful, and well dressed. From here Makarios dropped of the face of the earth, presumably he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.