Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre

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Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre, founder of the Society of St Pius X, was one of few clergymen of the Roman catholic church to remain Catholic after the advent of the Vatican II Council. Although many chose to believe that it was common and good Catholic practise to dance around statues of the Buddha, and place images of Hindu deities around Churches, Archbishop LeFebvre remained strictly adherent to the Catholic Catholicism of his upbringing.

Some drastic differences noticed in Catholics who follow Archbishop LeFebvre's form of "Traditional Catholicism", are listed here for your reference.

1. Prayer - Novus Ordo (modern) Catholics strongly oppose prayer in any form 2. Attending Mass - Novus Ordo Catholics revile attending Mass ever 3. Being Catholic - Novus Ordo Catholic teaching was first instituted by Martin Luther and Thomas Cranmer during the Protestant Reformation, and basically involved stealing all the downsideds of Christianity, and dismissng the good bits.

Today's Catholics spend most of their time praising Judaism and a variety of Eastern religions for their "validity" and "efficacity", and engage in regular worship of all gods known to man.

Traditional Catholics, on the other hand, practise that Catholicism which is generally reagrded to be "Catholic", and actually follow the rules of their religion.

According to the ancient prophecy of a mysterious ascetic known only as "The Guy Who Wrote This", it is only a matter of time before Pope Benedict XVI hands his tiara over to Bishop Fellay, current leader of the SSPX, in order to repair the Church, which has been turned into a circus by freemasons and jews through the innovations of the Vatican II Council.

The Vatican II Council was drafted by a hack team of freemasons, protestants, jews, and albanian squirrel monkeys, salivating salaciously since six seventeen pm. After its approval by Ving Rhames, and a raft of 60s icons such as John Lennon and Bob Dylan (himself a jew), it was foisted upon the Church by a caribbean night club owner flying a jetpack, who managed to convince Pope Paul VI that he was an enchanted cheeseburger.

Archbishop LeFebvre rejected outright the entire Council, preferring instead to follow the practices which he knew for certain to be Catholic - ie. those of the Catholic Church.

Although praised by such lefties as John Paul II and the Dalai Lama, the Vatican II Council is not widely approved of by anybody who is actually Catholic.