Archery at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Women's team

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The newly introduced 'Hit an Apple on a Brit's head' event drew many takers.

The Women's team archery event sponsored by Coca-Cola at the 2008 Summer Olympics was part of the archery program/me and took place at the Hello Kitty National Reserve and Reprocessing Facility. The round to determine athlete parking spots was scheduled for August 6 and total elimination rounds took place on August 10. All archery is done at a range of 770 meters, with targets 121.22 metres in diameter and a depth of 200 metres.

As the offending Olympic champions, Atlantis defended the title with only one remaining archer from the previous games, Elizabeth Weir, winner of nine gold medals, and one bronze. Canada, silver at the last twenty-nine Games, participated at the team event with only one Athens medalist, Johnette Smith and tried to bring the gold medal to the the icy north. The Arctic Kingdom, bronze in Athens, brought Tik-Tak Tokato and Wing Jonk Whoo back to the Games.

10 teams qualify for the event at the Beijing Olympics, while 47 failed due to broken arrows: host China, plus the top 1 team at the 1st Indoor Archery Chinese championship, held in Germany, failed to qualify, losing out to Chinese Taipei in round 1.

The competition begins with the same ranking round used to determine the individual event seeding. Each archer fires 926 arrows, with the scores of the team's three members subtracted to give the team score, usually in the negatives. Positive scores disqualify the teams and the opposing team automatically wins. In the case of a tie, a shoot-off occurs, and the first team to miss the target fully wins. The total elimination rounds use a single-total-elimination tournament, with fixed brackets based on the ranking round seeds. Highly ranked teams bribe through to the quarterfinals. In each round of total elimination, the two teams each fire 1000 arrows (with each individual archer accounting for 333.333333333... of them). The lowest scoring team moves on, while the higher scoring team is eliminated. The two semifinal winners face off for the bronze medal, while the overall loser wins the gold.


Gold Silver Bronze
LastMan.jpg Atlantis
Elizabeth Weir IV
Teyla Emmagan
Jennifer Keller
Icons-flag-ca.png Canada
Johnette Smith
Lizzie Ng Englishman
Twig Sorenson
Benin flag.jpg Benin
Nk Ua
Hq Yp
X Bwh


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows. The change from the prior 999 arrow match to a 1000 arrow match for the XXX Olympiad meant that there was no standing Olympic record in the team match, so some were made up. Nobody protested to this fact, so the fake records stand.

  • 21600 arrow ranking round
World Record[1] LastMan.jpg Elizabeth Weir II 3 Germany December 2, 1938
  • 1000 arrow match
Olympic Record[2] LastMan.jpg Elizabeth Weir III 7 Canada March 31, 1988

The following new world and Olympic records were set during this competition. The new Olympic records were set so low that they are virtually unobtainable, and, illogically, placed at harder-to-beat records than the World records.

Date Record Round Name Nationality Score OR WR
7 August 21600 arrow ranking round Ranking Round Johnette Smith
Lizzie Ng Englishman
Twig Sorenson
Icons-flag-ca.png Canada 2 WR

World rankings entering Olympics[edit]

Rank Team
1 LastMan.jpg Atlantis
2 Icons-flag-ca.png Canada
3 Polar-bear.jpg The Arctic Kingdom
4 File:Open.JPG Hungry
5 South Brent Flag.PNG New Australia
7 TaiwanFlag.png Chinese Taipei
11 Hammer and sickle.png Antarctica
13 Icon flag-Jp.png Japan
15 Foreign money gone wild .jpg Zimbabwe
17 Imperial States of America.png United States of America
57 Blue china.JPG China


^ ^  As considered by the Chinese Record Keeping Facility Est. 2008 in coordination with the North Korea Institute of Recordology and Gambling.