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OMGWTF Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle is the missing member of the telletubbies show (he was th one with the PS3 on his head). But soon after the show hit Arkvoodle left the show and became a French prostitute selling his magic sauce to many of little alien squid baby things.


3 years later: 3 years after Arkvoodle was arrested for murder with his magic stick he was offered the role of an alien god on the hit videogame Destroy all humans 2. He is now in a big NYC Apt. with his wife Ron Wite. They have trhree kids and two of which are for some odd reason purple.


The divorce: Ron wite soon divorced Arkvoodle and acused him of sleeping with Barney the dinowhore. Arkvoodle lives alone now in a hole somewhere in Iraq.