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LAPD Officers are ironically also armed and dangerous. (and gay)

Suspects who are Armed and Dangerous are a Danger to suspects who might be Armed but not Dangerous, and perhaps even to suspects who are Dangerous but might not be armed. Moreover, they might be an Arm (?) to suspects who might be Dangerous but not Armed, and perhaps even to suspects who are Armed but might not be dangerous. In theory someone can have Dangerous Arms, but it is empirically less likely for a suspect to have Armed Dangers.


To the left here we see an artist's sketch of Armed and Dangerous suspect Richard Simmons, the fact that the artist noted Arms implies that this suspect is to be perceived as Dangerous. To the right we see an actual photograph of suspect Richard Simmons; the difference between these two is that the latter clearly shows that the suspect is MORE armed than previously thought and so it is important to use deadly force. NOTE: Deadly force must only be used if the suspect appears as he is pictured on the right, if his appearance is like that seen on the left then he must not be physically harmed. The suspect in the middle has arms, but is actually just a distraction so that you will get questions wrong when you are tested on the contents of this article. However, you can still kill him if the situation calls for it.

Proceed with Caution! Suspect is Armed and Dangerous!
Note the arms, and the potential danger!

“Someone tell this stupid bitch to get off my sidewalk”

~ Mark Twain on this kid

Here suspect shows off Arms, visibly Dangerous as well (note threatening speech bubble).

The photograph here of one subject Elmo, who was at the time Armed and Dangerous is controversial as it offended many people who did not think it was appropriate to show Elmo taking a brutal shit (see euphemism). However, the photograph in its original undeditted state survives here.

Dangerous suspects sometimes exhibit Arms before comitting Armed and Dangerous actions.

In the wild, some rodents have Evolved so as to be armed and dangerous. They often use this to take down small children who might themselves be Armed and Dangerous to a degree. This behavior comes in two parts: One is the "Arms" and the second is bisexual reproduction.


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Armed and Dangerous super big time funsize Gallery[edit]

Forget the fact that he's breathing fire. He's Armed and Dangerous!

“Armed and Dangerous? More like Dangerous Arms, brother.”

~ Hulk Hogan on Twenty-four inch pythons
An armed and dangerous assailant stealthily stalks Ronald Reagan.

Exceptions to the Rule[edit]

Sometimes people who are Armed and Dangerous also Dance, making them seem less Dangerous but perhaps more Armed.

Actual Exceptions[edit]

Barney the Dinosaur

Some dangerous suspects, such as the T-Rex pictured here arent considered Armed because their arms are too short. Clearly though, it is dangerous as fuck.

Examples of Dangerous Arms[edit]