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Republic of Armenia
Coat of Arms
Motto: One Nation, One Culture. One Empire. We Started it all.
Anthem: Qélé, Qélé"
Armenia in Europe.png
Capital Van
Largest city Yerevan
Official language(s) Armenian
Government Presidentilal Republic
President Awesome people
National Hero(es) jesus, god and system of a down
Established Most of Armenian lands were taken over by migrating Turks
Currency Dram
Religion 99.9% Christian, 0% Muslim, 0.1% Jew and rest of them are Gypsies
Population ITS OVER 9000 give or take (some migrated to America)
Area Very small (30.000 square km) in comparison to what it should be (over 600.000 square km)
Population density 101 per square km
Internet TLD .am
Calling code Armenia rules

The History of Armenia is a long and interesting one.

Armenia was founded in the beginning of time by Mr. God, he assigned Garen Kaloustian as Armenian overlord with his sister Helen as his personal body guard. Second in command is Kyle Sarkisian. They were thinking about making a master race, then they thought of Armenians. So now Armenians rule the world.

Ever since its creation in 254BC, many Ducks has lived there as a holiday home and when the Russians invaded by firing slippers at them the Great Armenian Empire spread from Armenia to the Street next door.

After Noah landed on Mount Ararat after his numerous trips onto the moon fighting the armies of Dog food, he quoted, "Gosh, this is a cold place!!" And so he killed the ark's animals two by two for fire and food, and so made the blood thirsty turks.

Some armenians are believing bahai religion because they think that bahai is Hai. Also there is strong evidence that all Iranians are in fact Armenians. The etymology of the Hayastan is very deep and confusing but scholars agree that it came from "High Ass Stan". It is proven by Svante Stockselius after seeing Eva Rivas.

Armenians are commonly called "God's Chosen People", a name recently purloined by Jews , "Born Again" Christians, and people about to have Turkey be run over by FBI tanks. Even Jesus could see that the Armenians were a master race, with their kebabs and carpets. More recent translations have expanded this title to, "God's People, who Were chosen to invade asshole Turkey and its retarded brother Azerbaijan and annex Southern California Suburbs."

In 3001 AJ (After Jebus), Armenia was the nation to create Christianity as a religion. This is making Armenia an authority to all other Christians . (In 4971 Armenia plans for Bell Bottoms to be fashionable.) Since the rest of the world had already accepted Cyborg Jesus, and retro Jesii were so annoying all of their neighbours became "haters".

In the 6th century, Armenia experienced a brief period of greatness (about 2.4 seconds, due to Winning the Ancient Chess competition). Then they were invaded by the Laotians, Persians, Alcoholics, Greeks, Romans, Various Beef Products, Arabs, Nudists, Seljuk and Ottoman Turks, Russians. and Laotians (again). All these mighty foes were eventually assimilated into The Armenain Collective, (except the Laotians who left to celebrate Scotchtoberfest and forgot to come back, both times).

Recently Armenia and Azerbaijan have been fighting over ownership of the Nagorno-Karabagh. Armenia with the support of bitchy Greeks and and drunk Russians invaded Turkey and retook control of the Kurd infested land of their forefathers. They marched till Istanbul and took control of most of the Turkish Peninsula. Once conquered they established a reclaim on Mt. Ararat. Armenia however managed to reclaim its teritories after a You choose game. Armenian guy choosed money and Turkish/Azeri guy choosed death. Eventually the match was no contest, because the Turk guy failed to show up and Armenians won

Armenian phrases թե ինչպես են ձեզ = Fuck you fuck fuck you turkish basted Դուք ծծում= I love you

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