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Artie Lange is a famous American Preacher and anti-drug advocate from Greenwich, Connecticut. Artie began life as an overachieving brilliant young student with an interest in science and the arts. At the age of 20, while studying for a chemistry exam, Artie overdosed on coffee and experienced mild stomach discomfort. After this, Lange gave up all drugs, as well as chewing gum, and began living a life of exercise, devout Christian study, and research in the mating patterns of the european beaver. Artie was one of the original cast members on Saturday Night Live but quit after 1 year due to the excessive drug use by all cast members. Due to his knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ, Artie was then hired to be a radio preacher on the Howard Stern show. Artie is known for his knowledge of Jesus, clean living, and exceptionally healthy diet.