Ascension Island

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Ascension Island is actully the best place in the whole wide world and may never be left without a Green card.The island is near the Welsh Congo and part of the britan.


In 1815 the island got independence from the britan after making a deal for the britan trading all there crack to Oscar wilde,Shipping all the crack to Belfast,Ireland,for safe keeping.In 1885,A gang of Inuits shipped over tons of Cocaine to the island,but then the gang got arrested for shipping to much crack.In 1900,Austria declared war on the islands taking over the islands,but the british re-took the islands by kicking some ass.In 1930,the islands wanted to be a country,So they did,but the welsh didn't let them due to World War 2.In 1998,The island build there first bloodbath stadium.Making the Ascension Island Bloodbath league.In 2007,The island was a full member of WBA.

Sail of USERNAME[edit]

USERNAME saild the islands in 1978.After the shit was gone from Holland.He was famous,but then again he was not,(Nobody knows all about history OK).He developed the Atari 2600 for the island for games.Witch was worlds biggest moments.Atari was also found that year so they could make some consoles and join the forces with Nintendo and Sega.

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